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  • Counseling for Anxiety

    More and more people these days seem to be struggling with anxiety. Unfortunately, the fact that anxiety is common leads many people to think they shouldn’t need therapy to work through this struggle. Can you live with the negative effects of your anxiety? Maybe. Do you have to? Absolutely not. Anxiety may be common, but it does not have to be your “normal.” Instead, let’s talk about how therapy for anxiety in St. Pete, FL can help you live a joyful life. Instead of just dealing with elevated anxiety, let the Pinellas Psychology Associates help you learn to lead a more fulfilling life every day.

    Should I Consider Therapy For Anxiety?

    Anxiety is the body’s way of alerting us to possible dangers. Our ancient ancestors needed anxiety to warn them about a possible attack from a wild animal and other life threatening danger. Today, anxiety doesn’t necessarily stem from need to protect yourself from a man eating wild animal, but our minds and bodies are not always able to tell the difference. Take into consideration a morning commute to work. Think of all the potential sources of anxiety in just a few minutes navigating traffic. Will I make it to work on time? Are the other commuters paying attention, or am I in danger of being in an accident? How do I get across several lanes of traffic to get to my exit? Then, you arrive at work, and no surprise, you’re still experiencing a heightened level of anxiety. Your boss asks you to come into her office. Your already anxious mind keeps going over the possible dangers of the situation. Did I do something wrong? Am I getting laid off?

    The thing about our body’s healthy anxiety response is that it’s not supposed to be on all the time. Instead, we’re meant to recognize and process a source of danger, so our mind and body can go back to a restful state. In the modern world, more and more people find themselves always on high alert. Our minds and bodies are struggling to know when we’re “safe enough” to go back into a state of peace, so we just feel scared or worried without any relief. This anxiety can impact every aspect of our lives – school, work, home, social relationships. The goal of therapy for anxiety is to help people recognize when the body is experiencing elevated levels of anxiety and learn how to cope with the anxious feelings to experience greater joy in your day to day life.

    How We Plan To Help

    Many people try to just deal with, avoid, or ignore anxiety, and maybe these tactics even worked for you – for a while. Unfortunately, without really dealing with the sources of your anxiety, you’ll continue to experience all the same negative effects. When you visit one of our therapists for counseling, you can start to understand the causes of your anxiety, and more importantly, you’ll develop skills that will help you cope with anxiety now and in the future. From being able to identify anxiety and its impact on your life to learning ways to process anxiety, therapy can help you live your life more fully.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy For Anxiety In St. Pete

    If you have questions for us before scheduling therapy for anxiety, the Pinellas Psychology Associates would be happy to answer them when you reach out to us, and below, we’ve included the answers to some of the questions we hear most often.

    Is It Anxiety, Or Am I Just Stressed?

    Whether you’re experiencing stress or anxiety, we can help you develop skills to manage these complex emotions during therapy sessions. Many people struggle to differentiate between stress and anxiety, and in fact, they have very similar effects. In some cases, people struggle with both poorly managed stress and anxiety. Whatever the case, we can offer you the support you need to start feeling better.

    Everyone Else Is Doing Fine, So Why Am I Having A Hard Time?

    Even in situations where everyone seems to feel totally relaxed, or at least they seem to be (parties, business meetings, family gatherings, driving in traffic), you may find yourself feeling anxious. There is no one way to respond to any situation. We all bring our own set of past experiences and struggles to a given situation, so if you find yourself feeling anxious, honor that emotion. During therapy, we can develop ways to cope in situations that leave you feeling anxious.

    I Only Get Anxious In Certain Situations. Can’t I Just Avoid The Things That Make Me Anxious?

    For many people, dealing with anxiety starts out with avoiding one or two situations they find triggering, but you’d be surprised how quickly you find yourself dealing with more and more situations you no longer feel comfortable with. Untreated anxiety can seep into numerous parts of your life until you find yourself struggling to find any place that doesn’t make you feel anxious.

    Are You Ready To Begin Counseling?

    Through therapy, there is a way to address the issues you face every day. A therapist can help you learn coping strategies to use both right now and in the future, so the results of therapy will last. We are here to help you learn to live as your most authentic self. Call Pinellas Psychology Associates of St. Pete today to be matched with an expert therapist to help you on your journey of healing!