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  • Dr. Jimmy Joseph, Psy.D.

    Hello, I’m clinical psychologist Dr. Jimmy Joseph and I am happy to have the privilege of acquainting myself with you. I extend a personal invitation and welcome you to reach out and consider me when choosing a provider. I believe that as mental health professionals, we hold an important responsibility to assist in your healing. Throughout varying times and cultures, there has always been the presence of trusted individuals who facilitate psychological well-being. I seek to honor that tradition as a clinical psychologist. 

    It continues to be my greatest passion to work with clients of diverse backgrounds and clinical presentations, whether it be to individuals, couples, or families. Historically, I have worked well with clients who have faced traumatic experiences, depressive episodes, anxious moods, panic, and a plethora of other symptoms and diagnoses. My experiences span from working with survivors of torture, refugees from varying countries, college students at an HBCU, veterans, and adults with kaleidoscopic backgrounds and histories. I am open and available as you work towards healing for a better you. I believe each client deserves the best care possible for a brighter and more fulfilling present and future. 

    In my time of leisure, I enjoy being outdoors, listening to new music on Fridays, dancing, exploring new places, and spending time with family and friends. My loved ones would describe me as outgoing and a “social butterfly.” I strive for an adventurous, balanced, and healthy lifestyle to help maximize my well-being to better serve others. 

    You can get in touch with me at Pinellas Psychology, using the contact details below or visit our contact page to reach out using our request form.

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