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    Professional, highly-skilled experts working together to provide mental health support to individuals, families and our local community.

    Congrats! You’re taking the first step toward feeling better and living better by reaching out for help. We know that’s not an easy step to take. You have probably logged in countless internet searches trying to figure out how to find the right help you need.  Your search for a therapist in your area is a big first step, and we’re so happy you found us.  We’re excited to see how we can help.

    What makes Pinellas Psychology different?

    First of all, we get it.  It is hard to figure out the difference between all of the counseling options out there these days. Let us start by saying that we strive to offer a professional and personalized experience at our office.  We have carefully designed a practice where you are in good hands with our team of reliable experts. We offer a comfortable office in a convenient location in St. Pete for in-person sessions.  Our goal is that you have a place to go to where you can feel heard and understood. 

    Not sure you want to come to the office? Well that’s fine too – we offer secure HIPAA compliant telehealth sessions as well.  Whatever works best for you!

    How do I find the right therapist?

    It can be exhausting trying to decipher credentials and navigate the challenge of trying to find the right person to help. We couldn’t agree more – which is exactly why we offer complimentary phone consultations before you book an appointment.  We carefully listen to your needs and will match you the therapist on our team who is the perfect fit for your concerns.  You will start with having a call with that counselor to discuss your goals, ask questions and feel a connection before you schedule an appointment.

    We know that some problems are just too big to solve on your own. Therapy can help you recognize, understand, and change challenging feelings and behaviors. Our St. Pete team will listen without judgment and help you learn skills to feel better.  

    Simply put, our goal is to help people improve their lives and relationships, and find relief from the stress of everyday life.

    If you’re ready, then go ahead and contact us for a free 15 minute phone consultation.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!

    Our Team

    The Pinellas Psychology Associates team is composed of experienced psychologists, school psychologists and therapists. We have advanced training in order to offer our clients a superior level of evidence-based solutions.

    Are you ready to begin?

    We can help you better understand who you are, maximize your strengths, and move beyond challenges. Your struggles don’t need to define what you’re capable of, but they can help you develop into the person you were meant to be. Through therapy, there is a way to address the issues you face every day.

    Call Pinellas Psychology Associates serving St. Pete and all of Tampa Bay to be matched with an expert therapist to help you on your journey of healing!

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