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    Welcome to Pinellas Psychology, where your wellness takes center stage. We understand that your journey to a balanced and fulfilled life deserves nothing but the best, and that’s precisely what we offer: an exclusive haven of psychological support, untethered by the limitations of insurance networks.

    Our team is committed to providing you with a level of care that goes beyond expectations, tailored specifically to your unique needs. Welcome to a world of unparalleled support, where your mental health is our unwavering priority.  We believe that your mental health deserves the utmost attention, care, and expertise. Say goodbye to insurance constraints and hello to a transformative experience focused entirely on you.

    Our approach is unique, flexible and designed to help you get results in the ways that matter to you most.

    We aren’t going to list a bunch of credentials and certifications to try and convince you that letters behind our name alone makes us experts. While we do have extensive training and experience, we don’t feel that credentials alone are what makes us different.  

    Our way of work involves a collaborative partnership with you to help you get the results you really want.

    What makes us different

    Therapy is not "one size fits all".

    Some traditional therapy methods attempt to focus on how your thoughts and feelings are just symptoms of disorders. This outdated approach treats you as though your problems only exist inside your mind, therefore the cure lies in simply thinking or feeling differently.

    Well, if it was that easy, you wouldn't be here right now.  

    You are not your problems.  You are not a cluster of symptoms put together to create some definition of a disorder. We believe that it is important to focus on the bigger picture. We don't rely on vague and outdated ideas to guide our work with you.

    For therapy to be effective, it is essential that you feel comfortable and safe in the space you’re in. We offer a professional, private office in a convenient location in St. Pete for in-person sessions.

    While online therapy can be great (and yes, we have that as an option too), we still offer the old school version of a private place with comfy couch.  You can sit with us, in real life.

    Our way of work

    We are a solution driven and results oriented practice. 

    One of our guiding principles is that you don’t need to be “broken” to benefit from therapy. In fact, therapy is one of the many tools people use to achieve their goals and overcome the blocks to begin living the life they truly want. 

    We know that some problems are just too big to solve on your own. Therapy can help you recognize, understand, and move towards behaviors that get you the life you want. 

    Yes, we are a team of licensed psychologists, therapists and school psychologists, but we don't focus on diagnoses or labels.  We prefer to take the role of being a consultant in your life to guide you to solutions and better outcomes in your life. 

    We are more interested in collaborating with you and guiding you towards the change you want for yourself and your relationships.  

    Choosing the right expert

    Choosing a therapist is a big deal, there is just no denying it.  

    Therapy is an investment of time, trust and resources.  It can be exhausting trying to decipher credentials and find the right person to help.  Certifications and trainings are great tools, but that alone doesn't make someone uniquely qualified to help.  

    Want to know what research says does a make a difference?

    Having a good fit and strong relationship with your therapist is the best predictor of your success.

    Before you commit to an appointment with us, we listen to your needs and match you the therapist on our team who has the expertise and skills for your specific concerns. You will start with having a call with that counselor to discuss your goals, ask questions and feel a connection before you schedule an appointment.

    Our Team

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