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  • Counseling For Young Adults

    While social media would have us believe everyone is excelling in their twenties, the truth is almost all young adults struggle to some degree as they move into the next phase of their life.

    Neuroscience tells us that activity in the prefrontal cortex, a brain region responsible for decision-making, future planning, and emotional regulation, peaks during this final stage of development, so it makes sense that young adulthood can be full of mental and emotional unrest. If you’re struggling or want to partner with a professional who can help you navigate this time of big transitions, we hope you’ll consider reaching out to schedule counseling for young adults in St. Pete, FL and Tampa Bay.

    Should I Schedule A Therapy Session?

    If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may want to consider scheduling a session with one of our therapists:

    • Are you between 18 and 28 years old and feel unsure about the direction of your life?
    • Do you procrastinate on obligations or decisions or have trouble motivating yourself to get things done?
    • Do you have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships? Do you feel lonely, as if you don’t belong or feel like you are missing out?
    • Are you developing self-destructive behaviors as a way to cope with stress (e.g., overeating, excessive drinking, reckless spending)?

    How We Plan To Help

    Pinellas Psychology Associates provides young adults with a safe and supportive environment to talk about these difficult issues and learn tools to master them. After completing your treatment you will:

    • Increase and strengthen your support systems by learning communication skills that will help you to be clear about your wants and needs.
    • Learn and master skills to help you cope with stress, manage your time, and maximize your personal strengths.
    • Improve upon your self-understanding by considering personal values, working through past experiences, and setting short and long-term goals, thereby increasing your confidence and independence.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy For Young Adults In St. Pete

    Still need some answers before you schedule an appointment with us for young adult therapy in St. Pete? We’ll be happy to answer when you give us a call. Additionally, your therapist can answer questions during your intake session (or any session). We’ve also included the answers to questions we hear often from young adults who are considering therapy below.

    I have very limited availability between work, class, and my personal life. How can I find time for therapy?

    While it’s true that counseling is an investment of your time and money, self-doubt, anxiety, and stress can impact your productivity at work, school, and within your relationships. Even further, self-destructive behaviors used to cope with stress (i.e. substance use, over eating, and/or self-injury) will undoubtedly impact your future. By investing in your health now, you ensure your wellbeing and success in the future. Pinellas Psychology Associates is also happy to offer evening and online appointments to help accommodate your schedule.

    My parents will be helping me pay for therapy sessions. Does this mean they have access to my private information?

    No, any confidential information you share will be kept private according to the law and our code of ethics. Session statements will be provided to the party responsible for payment, but those statements only display session date, time, and type not any specific information about what was discussed during therapy.

    What if counseling just makes things worse by highlighting my issues?

    While it is true that therapy will make you more aware of what is working and what is not in your life, treatment will not make anything worse. The process may, at times, bring up painful feelings, but this is a necessary step to unlocking the key to your future successes. Working through your issues now can bring relief to your life as well as help to improve your confidence, resilience, and ability to handle stress and conflict. It is a process that takes courage, commitment, and hard work, but we promise to be here to support you, and to help you reach your full potential.

    Are You Ready To Begin Assessment Or Counseling Services With Our Team?

    With assessment, we can help you better understand who you are, maximize your strengths, and move beyond challenges. Your struggles don’t need to define what you’re capable of, but they can help you develop into the person you were meant to be. Through therapy, there is a way to address the issues you face every day. A therapist can help you learn coping strategies to use both right now and in the future, so the results of therapy will last. We are here to help you learn to live as your most authentic self. Call Pinellas Psychology Associates serving St. Pete and all of Tampa Bay to be matched with an expert therapist to help you on your journey of healing!