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  • Learning Evaluations

    Give your child every opportunity to succeed.  

    Times are changing in education. People are beginning to talk more about individual learning differences and how best to meet children’s educational needs.  

    A comprehensive evaluation can provide you with a unique learning profile of your child.

    You child’s school struggles don’t need to determine what they are capable of in their life. Read more about how you can give them all the tools that they need to feel confident and successful in school.

    When is it time for an evaluation?

    Have you ever wondered what the missing piece is in your child's learning?  

    Have you ever wished you could just peak inside your child’s mind and see exactly what’s going on?

    Well - we can!

    We can thoroughly dive in to evaluate your child’s learning profile and find exactly where their strengths lie. 

    With a comprehensive evaluation, we can help you better understand how your child learns, maximize their strengths, and move beyond challenges.

    How does it work?

    When you work with us, we can give you the insight as to how your child learns and what their strengths and opportunities for growth are in the academic setting. 

    Children may struggle academically for a variety of different reasons including poor attention, memory problems, or processing deficits. These can all impact a child’s ability to learn.

    We can develop a plan for growth and provide recommendations to help you advocate for your child and ultimately improve their academic performance.

    Educational Testing

    Are you concerned about your child’s performance in school?  Have you heard from your child’s teacher that your child is struggling and you aren’t sure what to do?  You know your child is smart, but you can’t quite figure out why they are not showing their true potential in the classroom. It’s frustrating when you know that your child is capable of so much more, yet their performance just isn’t showing what they are truly capable of. 

    If any of this sounds familiar, we are happy that you found us.  Our team of psychologists and school psychologists know exactly how to help you find answers. More importantly, we’ve got solutions!