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  • Gifted Testing

    What Does It Mean For A Child To Be “Gifted”?

    Understanding the definition of the “gifted child” can be complex and is often widely misunderstood.  Children who are considered to be gifted are those who have a high intelligence level compared to their same-age peers.  Children with advanced intellectual skills often have a unique perspective of the world.  They usually enjoy solving complex problems and have advanced creative expression.  Although gifted children may have intellectual strengths, they can also have challenges with perfectionism, may set high standards for themselves and may even be described as quirky.  We have worked with many gifted children who describe their learning style as unique and “not in a straight line”.  They typically like to take a creative approach to learning, which is why specialized gifted programs can be beneficial to them.

    How Do You Know If Gifted Testing Is Right For Your Child?

    • Is your child a good problem solver? Do they solve those problems in a unique way?
    • Does your child have keen observational skills?
    • Does your child seem to learn basic skills better, more quickly, and with less practice than other children their age?
    • Does your child prefer the challenge of difficult problems?
    • Is your child creative and curious?
    • Does your child have an advanced vocabulary for their age?

    It’s important to understand the development of gifted students in order to create an academic plan that challenges them. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to Pinellas Psychology Associates for gifted testing in St. Pete, FL.

    The staff at Pinellas Psychology Associates is highly trained in the administration and interpretation of IQ tests for gifted learners. We take pride in providing families with a comprehensive assessment of their child’s intellectual potential for consideration of gifted placement.

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