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  • Diversity Issues & Black Therapy

    While culturally competent counseling has been long present in the field of mental health, the conversation has finally began to broaden to truly understand how stigma may impact the way in which people feel comfortable seeking treatment.

    Ongoing discrimination throughout American history has systemically impacted families and individuals who embody one or various elements of these identities. Adverse messages, poor care, and blatant affronts against diverse and marginalized communities have led to depressive episodes, traumatic responses, and anxious reactions among families and individuals.

    Recognizing these issues is essential to good therapy. We will not be passing judgement on you or discounting your thoughts and experiences. Instead, your perspective will be validated. The goal is to provide the necessary sensitivity to make you feel comfortable and able to discuss all of the difficulties you may be facing. 

    Meet your expert

    Dr Jimmy Joseph has made it his professional mission to provide culturally sensitive care for those overlooked and misrepresented in the mental health setting. Today he takes a collaborative, affirming, trauma-informed, justice-oriented, and liberation-minded approach to treatment. His focus is to seek to center marginalized families and individuals while honoring their needs appropriately.