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  • Dr. Elizabeth Magro, Psy.D.

    Greetings, I’m Dr. Elizabeth Magro and I specialize in working with people, businesses and organizations who feel stuck in life and are looking for solutions. Most of the time, people know that something is holding them back from achieving their goals, but they just can’t figure out the “what” or the “how”. Many of my clients feel as if they have hit a roadblock in their lives and are looking to work through their own limitations.  I value the ability to offer a fresh perspective and help you get “unstuck”.  I take an action-oriented approach to helping people unlock what has been holding them back and begin living at the next level.  

    I have a specific interest in helping families understand their neurodiverse learners.  After almost a decade of experience as a psychologist in the public school system, I learned a lot about the wide range of differences in learning styles.  Together with my team, we work to provide consultations and evaluations for families seeking more guidance and direction when their kiddos are struggling.  Admittedly, this is probably one of the areas I am most passionate about as it is so widely misunderstood.  I love being able to help parents understand the complexity of their learners’ minds.

    If you are already familiar with me or my practice, you know how much I truly enjoy being a part of the field of mental health.  I am a self-proclaimed psych nerd and I love talking about all things growth and development.  I hope to be in this role for many decades to come!  When I’m not at my office working with clients, I can be found reading a good book, running around a theme park with my 3 boys, or just relaxing at home watching scary movies with my husband.

    You can get in touch with me at Pinellas Psychology Associates, using the contact details below or visit our contact page to reach out using our request form.

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