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  • Child ADHD Testing

    Children with attention-deficit disorder (ADD) and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can have challenges in the classroom with sustaining attention, following through on assignments, and remembering information taught during lectures, which leads to a decline in their school performance. Parents can be easily frustrated because their child may appear to be disinterested and unmotivated in school.  Oftentimes, children with ADHD can be prone to giving up easily because they can get overwhelmed by tasks. We specialize in offering comprehensive ADD and ADHD testing in St. Pete, FL, so you can clearly understand your child’s needs and design an accommodation plan to help your child succeed.

    Should I Schedule Adhd Assessment For My Child?

    The symptoms of childhood ADHD often cause students to have struggles in school, and as a result, they can suffer academically. If you would answer yes to any of the following questions, it may be time to schedule ADHD testing for your child:

    • Is your child struggling to focus in school?
    • Are you constantly giving your child reminders to follow through on tasks?
    • Do you feel like you are tirelessly helping your child stay organized?
    • Does your child need a lot of help understanding instructions?
    • Do they seem to forget details frequently?
    • Does your child’s seemingly endless energy lead to behavioral trouble?
    • Do you have difficulty getting your child to wind down and go to sleep at night?

    What Happens During Testing For ADD or ADHD?

    Children with ADHD typically require accommodations in the classroom in order to succeed and perform at a level that showcases their true abilities. During ADD and ADHD testing, we will want to measure your child’s ability to sustain attention, remember details, and follow instructions. Then, we’ll compare your child’s performance with the expected norms for a person of their age. Once we collect the results of our assessment, interviews, and information from caregivers and teachers, we can help you, your child, and their educators to plan for an appropriate course of action to improve their academic success.

    Do You Offer ADHD Testing For Adults?

    Many adults struggle with ADD or ADHD and notice that these challenges may impact them at work, school or in their relationships.  If you are an college student looking for a comprehensive evaluation of ADHD for school, contact our office today to see if we can help.  Although our evaluation process is primarily tailored to school-age children, and we may be able to assist in some situations for college students.

    Our office does not prescribe medication for ADD or ADHD and we do not offer diagnoses for adults seeking medication. If you are an adult seeking medication management for ADD or ADHD, we recommend that you contact a psychiatrist or physician.

    Are You Ready To Begin Assessment With Our Team?

    If you are interested in more information regarding an ADD or ADHD evaluation for your child, contact us.