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  • Dr. Nicole Stuart, Psy.D.

    Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole Stuart, Licensed Psychologist and I’m excited to introduce myself to you. I have many clinical interests, ranging from working with children and teens as well as adults and couples. I guess you could say that I am “multi-passionate” as I truly enjoy working with people of all ages throughout the lifespan.

    I enjoy working with children and their parents dealing with behavioral concerns, as well as emotional difficulties and school avoidance. One of my passions is working with adolescents who are struggling to adjust to the difficulties of being a teen in today’s society, which often requires more emotional maturity from them than they are ready for – which can lead to depression and anxiety. I also like the challenge of working with those resistant teens that struggle opening up to others.

    When I work with adults, I do my best work with those who are struggling moving past the hurts and pains from challenging life situations. Learning new ways to approach situations is key to creating a brand new you and the person you always wished you could be. I also enjoy working with couples who are struggling and need new ways to communicate to create the perfect bond they have been looking for.

    When I’m not at the office, you can find me spending time with my husband, walking our dogs, teaching my ballet students, or completing a devotional. I also enjoy being a part of my church and exploring the outdoors.

    You can get in touch with me at Pinellas Psychology Associates, using the contact details below or visit our contact page to reach out using our request form.

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