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  • COGMED Memory & Learning Training

    What is Cogmed?

    Cogmed is an evidence-based, digital training program developed by leading cognitive neuroscientists. It is specifically designed to target and enhance working memory – the mental workspace responsible for retaining and processing information. With a strong working memory, your child will be better equipped to manage the symptoms of attention deficit and poor memory, resulting in improved focus and better capacity to handle the demands of school and life.

    We believe that most children who struggle with memory and retention, have not yet developed effective strategies to remember what they are taught at school.  Think back to when you were in school.  How did you learn to mememorize your multiplication facts?  What strategies did you use to help you study for your weekly spelling test?  Most parents will agree that it is hard to “teach” someone how to remember important facts for learning.  Everyone finds a strategy that works for them, but most often that strategy is just something that they learned over time.  

    For children with memory weaknesses, they may struggle to find a strategy or a way to code it in their mind for later recall. Cogmed’s interactive platform and game-like memory strategies help children find their own way of recalling information that works for them.  By engaging in the memory tasks, children are provided with the opportunity to design their own mental map for how to hold information in their mind.

    Imagine if your child could remember that 3 step command that you gave them without several reminders.  With memory training and development, requests like “Please go to your room, collect your backpack and shoes and then get in the car”, wouldn’t have to be so frustrating!

    The research for this training program have shown tremendous benefits, such as:

    • Improved Working Memory Capacity:  Cogmed has been shown to significantly improve working memory, enabling children to store and process information more effectively.
    • Enhanced attention and focus:  As working memory improves, children can concentrate more easily, enabling better academic performance and overall functioning.
    • Increased self-confidence:  With improved cognitive skills, children feel more capable and confident, enabling them to excel in various aspects of their lives.
    • Effects that last:   Research shows that the benefits of Cogmed training are maintained and sometimes even improve for up to 12 months, providing children with long-term improvements in their cognitive abilities.

    How does it work?

    Through engaging and interactive exercises, Cogmed targets the key cognitive processes responsible for working memory and attention. The program automatically adapts to each child’s unique needs, ensuring continuous challenge and growth over time.

    Our Cogmed Coach will guide your child through an individualized training program that features:

    Flexible protocols

    Tailor the practice to suit your needs with 25-50 minutes of training, 3-5 days per week, for 5-13 weeks.

    Weekly check-ins

    Receive feedback, support and guidance from your Coach to help your child grow.

    Post-training follow up

    Personalized follow-up to evaluate results, and support the integration of effects in daily life.

    Our goal at Pinellas Psychology is to help partner with your child to improve their overall learning growth by increasing their memory capacity.  Sometimes even with individualized academic interventions and one on one tutoring, many children still struggle to make gains.  If you think your child’s learning challenges may be related to problems with memory and recall, contact us today!

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    We look forward to partnering with you in your child’s academic success!